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Why everyone should use PROmade fans

What are PROmade fans?

PROmade fans are perfectly hand made Russian fans, typically made up of 3-15 ultra fine individual lashes that are made into a perfect fan, they will be heat bonded at the base (so they are not already dipped in glue). You will then be able to pick up an individual fan, dip the base in the glue and then you can apply on to the natural lashes these in turn will wrap around the natural lash perfectly.

Who can use PROmade fans?

PROmade fans are becoming more and more popular in the lash industry, used not only by beginners but also by advanced lash artists all over the world due to their quick and easy application, so it is no wonder so many lash artists now use them! Using handmade Russian lashes can be frustrating especially as a beginner, as we all know not every fan goes perfect which can then make your appointment times a lot longer. This is why everyone loves to use PROmades as every fan is already perfectly made so a set using PROmades will take around the same time as a classic set of lashes. 

Benefits of using PROmade fans

There are lots of benefits for any last artist to use promade fans, the main benefit is speeding up your appointment times. Due to their quick and easy application using PROmades can on average speed up full set appointments by 1 hour+ (for beginners) and 30mins+ (for advanced) lash artists. Using handmade Russian fans on average take anywhere between 1.5-4 hours for a full set as each fan will need to be hand made perfectly and then applied to the natural lash. It can take around 30 seconds to 2 minutes per fan to make them handmade which can be very tedious and frustrating if not every fan is going right and you’re struggling for time, therefore, PROmades are the perfect solution to help speed up infill and full set appointments for beginners and advanced lash techs. The quicker the appointments = the more clients per day = the more £££, however, with that being said it is more important to have quality over quantity! PROmade fans will always give you quality sets in the fastest time

Why choose our PROmade fans over anyone else’s?

Our iLashedPRO PROmade fans are well known for having the most snatched bases and the widest fluffy fans. This makes them look just like handmade Russian fans and will give your clients the perfect fluffy Russian set. We have only recently brought out our PROmade trays as it’s taken over 12 months to find a supplier who stock PROmade fans that I would happily use on my own clients. Most PROmade fans will have thick bases which was the main reason I never used them as a beginner, the bases were always too thick which then made my sets look clumpy. Whereas our bases are extremely thin even though we have 10D lashes in a fan. This will give you a safe application and will not get stuck to other lashes easily. The other reason our PROmades stand out from others is they have super wide fluffy fans, this is what will give your Russian sets the most fullness. Most PROmade fans will be narrower and give more of a natural look. I personally love the wispy look wide fans give but you will also be getting that consistency with every fan, which is why I myself and so many others love them! 

What’s the difference between premade and promade fans ??

Premade fans are machine made fans and their bases will be dipped in a small amount of glue to keep them together. The lash tech will then need to re dip the fan into the glue again once applying them to the natural lashes, therefore, the bases of premade fans will be a lot thicker compared to PROmade and handmade fans as the fan will be double dipped in glue. This will also cause poor retention for your clients as the base is double dipped in glue the adhesive will not bond to the natural lash as it should.

Premades come in 3-8D fans, so they give more of a natural finish. 

PROmade fans are professional hand crafted, and the bases are heat bonded rather than being dipped in glue. This is the main difference between PROmade and premade fans as the PROmade will give the same luxury finish with the smallest of bases ensuring the safety of the client’s natural lashes. PROmade fans retention will last the same as handmade Russians as the bases are heat bonded, this will allow the fan to wrap around the natural lash and will bond perfectly! 

Our PROmades are available to purchase in 0.05 10D 10-15mm mixed & single lengths D & C curl.

I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do!