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Looking for professional, quality and affordable lash & brow products for beginners & the advanced? Then you’ve come to the right place! Check out our 5 star product review ratings on Google.

Introducing our iLashedPRO Impact Glue (5ml bottle); with a one second drying time it’s the bond that’ll make your client’s lashes stick together through thick and thin, just like best friends on a wild adventure! Every bottle comes with a replacement nozzle and pin. For Professional use only. If you’re looking for a latex free glue then purchase our Iridescent Glue or our Glue Duo Bundle!

Are you tired of lash extensions that have commitment issues? Say goodbye to flaky lashes and hello to the ultimate lash partnership. This glue is not just a simple adhesive; it’s the secret to luscious, long-lasting lashes.

Our Impact Glue is like a matchmaker for natural lashes and extensions. It creates an unbreakable connection, ensuring your client’s lashes stay put no matter what life throws at them. Rain, sweat, or even emotional movie nights; lashes will remain flawless.

But that’s not all! This glue is designed with comfort in mind, so your client’s can wear extensions with confidence. It’s low-fume and gentle on the eyes, ensuring a lash transformation without any discomfort.

With our Impact Glue, your client’s will be ready to face the world with a wink, knowing their lashes are locked in place and looking fabulous.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a lash love story that never ends, choose our Impact Glue; it’s the secret behind those mesmerising, show-stopping lashes. Get yours today and let the Impact begin!

Storage & Useage Conditions: This glue works best in a room temperature of 20-24 degrees and 45-55% humidity. High temperature and humidity levels may cause shock polymerisation meaning the adhesive has shock cured this again can cause retention issues please regulate temp and humidity accordingly. Store adhesive vertically in an air-tight container, and store in a cool dry dark place. Wipe the nozzle with adhesive nozzle wipes (available to purchase under accessories) after every use and squeeze out any residue glue within the nozzle. Shake well before use.

Shelf life: 3 months after opening and 6 months unopened.

There are no returns on liquids or glues unless faulty.

All our products are cruelty free and vegan.

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