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Looking for professional, quality and affordable lash & brow products for beginners & the advanced? Then you’ve come to the right place! Check out our 5 star product review ratings on Google.

Introducing our iLashedPRO Lash Brushes aka Spoolies; the must-have tools for maintaining your client’s lash extensions and keeping them as flawless and fluffy as the day they were applied! 50 brushes per packet. The perfect little giveaway at the end of an appointment.

Each wand is like a fine-tuned instrument for your client’s lashes. With ultra-soft bristles that delicately glide through their extensions, they’re perfect for brushing, separating, and fluffing your client’s lashes to perfection.

These brushes are designed to be lint-free, ensuring that no stray fibers or particles are left behind on your lashes. They’re the ideal tools for maintaining your lash extensions’ pristine appearance without causing any damage or discomfort.

With these brushes in your beauty arsenal, your client’s lash extensions will always look effortlessly glamorous and beautifully groomed. Say goodbye to tangled lashes and hello to a perfectly polished lash line.

All our products are cruelty free and vegan.

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These little brushes are perfect for brushing your clients lashes at the end of each set and then handing the brush over to your client so they can brush their own lashes at home keeping them full and fluffy.