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Classic lashes vs Cashmere flat lashes

There’s so much different terminology to learn with lash extensions we know it can be confusing. Have you ever heard of cashmere lashes? Flat lashes? Split tip lashes? These all mean the material the classic lashes are made from, so I’m here to break this down and make it simpler for you to learn.

Flat lashes, cashmere lashes and ellipse lashes all mean the same thing. When I first heard of flat lashes, I originally thought why would anyone want to use flat lashes? Who doesn’t want curly extensions? Then I learnt that flat lashes are not actually flat they just have a flat rhomboid base. Flat lashes are also made from PBT like other eyelash extensions on the market. The base of the extension is flat and has a larger surface area so this will adhere to the natural lash and will give better retention compared to other classic lashes. Traditional classic lashes will be thick from the bottom to the top of the extension, and it will have a circular base, this will make the set look too thick and will have more of a harder/plastic finish to them which essentially will feel heavy on the natural lashes.

Benefits of using flat lashes

The main reason why most people prefer to use our flat lashes over classic lashes is the fact that they have better retention. The base of the extension is flat so it will wrap around the natural lash quicker and will subsequently hold better. Also, if you was to look at our individual flat lashes, you’ll notice the lash goes thinner towards the top of the extension, this is because the tip is split into two (this is why people call them split tip lashes). By having the tip split into two this will give the set a softer finish and will appear matte black once the set is complete. My clients always notice how soft their classic sets feel when they are brushing them through, they shouldn’t feel hard, heavy or plastic like. Flat lashes are roughly half the weight of a classic lash, so they will feel much lighter in weight and will be more comfortable on your clients’ natural lashes. The lighter the lash the better the retention as there is less strain to hold on the natural lashes.

Flat lashes are good for clients that:

Have fine, weak or sparse lashes – due to the light weight feel of flat lashes, these are perfect for clients that have weaker natural lashes as they will be able to hold the weight and they won’t cause any extra damage to the natural lashes.

Clients that want an everyday mascara look. Flat lashes are perfect for that everyday effortless mascara look, especially for those clients that don’t wear a lot of makeup flat lashes will not look too dramatic on a bare face.

Clients with lots of natural lashes. Flat lashes can also look full and dramatic if your client has a lot of natural lashes as you will have more lashes to work with. You can only stick extensions to where they have natural lashes, so they can look full depending on how many natural lashes your client has.